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  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    Recently picked up a 2018 Giulia QV w/ ~16k miles and after a couple days of care-free and joyous driving around town; the limp mode (limited to N-drive mode, 25mph, 4th gear, etc.) deal happened after getting off the freeway, and my dash lit up like a Christmas tree (service AST, dampers...
  2. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    So my QV started getting this warning light, and would revert to N, but not limp mode. Set up appointment at the dealer, and the problem turns out to be..... Low coolant. Why on earth there isn't a low coolant light instead I will never understand. I could've topped that up myself, and saved...
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    Hello everyone, Nick from Atlanta here. I have a 2018 Giulia QV with 24000 miles and I've been having some headache with it. Couple month ago I had a CEL with Service Throttle Module error. I checked with MultiECU and it showed multiple error in fuel pressure, misfire, and M-PROP stuck...
  4. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    Hello, About 9 months ago I leased a 2020 AR Giulia Ti AWD and have absolutely loved it. No issues until this past Monday. I was driving home from work (about 10 miles) when the ETC light & auto on/off light switched on, within 30 seconds the car completely died. It would not move and couldn’t...
  5. Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
    Hi, in less than 14 hours of driving my new 2020 Guilia Ti out of of the dealership lot I am already having a list of issues. Start stop unavailable Service electronic throttle control Remote start not working Buzzing noise from engine bay Any insight on this will be much appreciated. Thank you.
1-5 of 5 Results