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  1. Intake
    I am selling a brand new BMS Performance Intake from Burger Tuning. I paid $150 with tax, but selling for $130. The filter is sealed and ready to ship. Paypal ready. Applications Alfa Romeo • 2016+ Giulia 2.0T • 2018+ Jeep Rubicon, Wrangler Unlimited 2.0T More Power and intoxicating sound...
  2. Intake
    To start with I do not have one of these cars and I don’t intend to pretend that I do. My neighbor gave me a mint condition aFe intake, in the original box with all the original packaging. It looks like it had been used but with hardly any miles. I don’t need it nor want it. Looking for $300 obo
  3. Engine
    Selling my jb4 tune and BMS intake for 2016+ Alfa Romeo 2.0 4cyl. Only ran the setup for about 2 weeks before trading the car in. Make a reasonable offer. Selling as a set.
  4. Intake And Exhaust
    Alright folks, would like to get a little input on something here. So I recently got the v1 maxflow silicone intake from Madness down here in Texas. I also got a few other mods and needless to say have been pretty satisfied with the results. However, per my previous post- my CEL has come on and...
  5. Alfa Romeo Giulia Photos and Videos
    Hey guys, I recently created a Youtube channel to display some mods that I will do to my Giulia Ti. I created a muffler delete before and after video if you guys want to check it out along with one other video. I will have a video created soon of a Eurocompulsion v2 install on my car along with...
1-5 of 5 Results