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  1. Giulia How To And DIY
    Decided to try some of the ol "snake oil" intake spray to help clean some carbon off the valves and intake manifold. I'm at 34k miles, just did an oil change, and decided I'd give this a shot. I've done this on the past two GDI cars I've owned (Focus ST and Mazdaspeed3) with varying amounts of...
  2. Intake
    I am selling a brand new BMS Performance Intake from Burger Tuning. I paid $150 with tax, but selling for $130. The filter is sealed and ready to ship. Paypal ready. Applications Alfa Romeo • 2016+ Giulia 2.0T • 2018+ Jeep Rubicon, Wrangler Unlimited 2.0T More Power and intoxicating sound...
  3. Intake
    To start with I do not have one of these cars and I don’t intend to pretend that I do. My neighbor gave me a mint condition aFe intake, in the original box with all the original packaging. It looks like it had been used but with hardly any miles. I don’t need it nor want it. Looking for $300 obo
  4. Engine
    Selling my jb4 tune and BMS intake for 2016+ Alfa Romeo 2.0 4cyl. Only ran the setup for about 2 weeks before trading the car in. Make a reasonable offer. Selling as a set.
  5. Intake And Exhaust
    Alright folks, would like to get a little input on something here. So I recently got the v1 maxflow silicone intake from Madness down here in Texas. I also got a few other mods and needless to say have been pretty satisfied with the results. However, per my previous post- my CEL has come on and...
  6. Alfa Romeo Giulia Photos and Videos
    Hey guys, I recently created a Youtube channel to display some mods that I will do to my Giulia Ti. I created a muffler delete before and after video if you guys want to check it out along with one other video. I will have a video created soon of a Eurocompulsion v2 install on my car along with...
1-6 of 6 Results