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  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    I have a question regarding a Gulia Super with a single exhaust, any idea if it is possible to buy a more sporty diffuser for a guilia with one exhaust? Like the one you get in speciale or something? Tried to look online but cant find anything Thanks for help in advance
  2. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Anyone gone from a 2 seater to a Guilia? I've never owned a 4 door sedan and I don't want to lose out on speed. I have an 07 bmw z4 coupe 3.0si (dream car) 3.0-liter in-line 6 255 horsepower @ 6600 rpm 220 lb.-ft. of torque @ 2750 rpm EPA city/highway fuel economy: 20/29 (manual), 21/30...
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    I recently had my JB4 installed on my 2.0l Alfa Romeo. I was wondering what numbers everyone was running, through the JB4 app in regards to getting the best performance output for the car thank you Lucas
  4. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    Hi My 2017 Guilia sits outside in very cold weather in Canada. I drive it every 2-3 days. Suddenly, the heat/blower has stopped completely. So, not only is it very cold inside, it fogs up quickly. Is it because something is frozen and just needs to thaw out? Any advice? Thanks
  5. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    So we put a centerline exhaust with a CAI on our 2018 Alfa Romeo Guilia 2.0T AWD as well as a P2 tune by Euro+Drive. It ran great and pulled really hard then after doing a pull we got a code for U0415. Not sure what caused it but I tried re uploading the tune and even going down to a less...
  6. Interior
    Is it possible to replace the screen in a 2017 giulia with a newer model touchscreen version? if Not what are some of the best options? Thank you.
  7. Official Alfa Romeo Giulia Colors Picture Threads
    I think i want the ti lusso but is it really worth it. Any significant difference between each model base ti ti lusso i am in love with the titatim color and i have found some dealer models with less than 5 k miles do you feel reports on interior are accurate when stating seems cheap plastic...
  8. Brakes And Suspension
    Unfortunately, I have been in an accident a few months back which lead to my rear left wheel/rim broken After repair on the certified dealer (only certified one in my country) the car is a bit off and sways when "accelerating" especially when the roads are not smooth Although I returned it for a...
  9. Exhaust
  10. New Member Introductions
    Well, after considering many cars, I put a deposit on a 2020 Giulia Ti Sport with most of the options, in Vesuvio Gray color. Picking up next week. Three year lease. Think I will enjoy the car?
  11. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    I purchased a 2017 Guilia 2 months ago for my birthday with 25k miles. All of a sudden I’m driving back from a meeting in the rain with a coworker in heavy rain and parking light signal says it’s out then the left turn signal then the right turn signal and then all sorts of lights start going...
  12. Giulia Classifieds
    I have the following items that I am selling due to trading in my 2018 Guilia Quadrifoglio. Please PM for pics. All items are in like new condition. Prices do not include shipping. I prefer to sell locally in the Tampa, Fl area. Just let me know if you have any questions. - Forza Exhaust...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I been eyeing up since 2016 when they were talking about Giulia! When I handed in my 2016 Infiniti Q50 Sport I was ready! After being with Infiniti for my last 5 cars/trucks I was finally finished! They are great cars never any issues but they weren't changing anything but the...
  14. Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
    Hi, Does anyone have the original full exhaust system for Giulia Ti (17)? I'm willing to buy it from you. Please let me know ASAP. Btw, I'm based in New York. Thanks.
  15. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
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1-15 of 15 Results