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  1. Brakes And Suspension
    Does anyone know if it's possible to unlock the stiffer suspension setup in N and A? Can't seem to find anyone who has looked into it, and I'm not capable of finding out for myself.
  2. Engines and Technical Discussion
    2019 Giulia Lusso RWD, 98 RON, catless downpipe (no ECU chip, stock air filter), +29 Celsius outside temperature, measurements via OBD2 and Torque app, 2 pedal launches (at around 2000rpm), the same road stretch. Dynamic #1 0-60MPH: 5.31s 0-100KPH: 5.59s 1/8 mile: 9.13s 1/4 mile: 13.92s #2...
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Hey team, I'm new to this forum, just lease a Giulia last week, and turned the car on today and the DNA mode doesn't work. Usually the "N" letter illuminates red. But this time NO light is on, cant switch between modes at all. Called Alfa Romeo dealership service department and were very...
  4. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    I already know that there is another thread but it is already 10 pages in and hard to follow, so I am starting a new one. I just recently bought a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti with only 20k miles from a close friend of mine. Two days after I bought the car, I decided to get the car inspected and...
  5. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    When starting a car got 3 active codes, and can't turn Dynamic or Race mode - only normal. It happened after i damaged front right wheel ((( Sometimes it works after starting the car in the morning but after few minutes check engine light appears again. ЕCU DTC CODE BCM B1048-14 BCM...
1-5 of 5 Results