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  1. West Giulia Club (CA, HI, NV)
    Hello all, We're about to do a cruise from Encinitas to Julian! Please text me if you'd like more info, if not just show up! 773-630-1228
  2. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Ok. Longtime lurker around here, don't think I've ever posted but I've run into a pickle today. I called up the local dealer (Fresno) to schedule the next scheduled maintenance and the recall I've been putting off only to find that dealer no longer services Alfa. I can't say I was surprised as...
  3. Dealers, Purchasing, and Ordering
    Has anyone worked with this dealership before? I have been in contact with their internet manager about a Giulia QV for about a month now. I live about two hours away, so I cleared out a day and made an appointment to see the car today. I had asked about pricing and financing and they said they...
1-3 of 3 Results