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  1. Exterior
    Anyone here have their circular badges replaced with monotone examples? I do see some stuff for sale online but was curious if anyone here has some input.
  2. What Did You Do To Your Alfa Romeo Giulia Today?
    So today I plasti-dipped my 'Giulia' and 'Veloce' badges from chrome to matte black and I have to say, they should definitely come black from factory. They suit the sporty look of the car so much more. All in all cost about £10! So a very cheap mod if anybody is considering it. Will post more...
  3. Exterior
    Hello, someone stole the front and back Alfa Romeo badges from my 2020 Giulia and I'm trying to figure out what I can do in terms of replacing them. Talked to local dealerships and was quoted around $150 for the front, $60 for the back (plus taxes and labor). I found a lot of third party badges...
  4. What Did You Do To Your Alfa Romeo Giulia Today?
    In case any one is wondering, here is what the black badges look like on an Alfa White Giulia at night. I have the Nero package so my badges are factory blacked out as well. Matches the shade perfectly. Thanks to Alfissimo for another great product!
1-4 of 4 Results