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  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I just found this wireless adapter thatplays YouTube and Netflix on the OEM screen. Has anyone ourchased one of these? I’m going o order one but wanted to see if there were any AR users out there. Pairr Max
  2. Audio And Stereo
    Hey guys, recently I was given the opportunity to test this product: In my 2020 QV. I plugged it right into the USB in my console, connected via bluetooth, that set up the wifi connection to it and voila, it just worked. It works completely...
  3. Audio And Stereo
    Hi guys, new to the forum with a 2020 Veloce. I am based in Dubai, and the dealer is telling me the GCC models (those for the Middle East) do not come with Android Auto. Can anyone verify this? Thanks D
  4. Audio And Stereo
    Would anyone by chance know of the closest place to the St. Louis that can for sure upgrade a car radio for Apple CarPlay and AA? I have a 2018 that is pre-wired for it. I took it in to the only dealer left in the area twice to have it updated and after 6 hours in total they couldn't get it. I...
  5. Audio / Video
    This is a repost: I'm selling my ENG Custom (piggyback) module that installs Android Auto and Apple Carplay to Giulias and Stelvios that did not come with them from the factory. I'm asking $350 + free shipping (free shipping to US only) or pm me with your counter offers if interested. It is...
    $350 USD
  6. Audio And Stereo
    Hello everyone, I am a proud owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia 952 that comes with no nav system. I've connected my Samsung S21 to the car and it doesn't seem to have Android Auto. How can I install Android Auto in my car without changing the infoentertainment physical system? In alternative, can I...
  7. Alfa Romeo Giulia Owners Registry And Check In Are
    I have one gripe with my car... in six months of owning it, I still cannot seem to use Navigation on the Infotainment system and have to separately use my phone. I think the solution is to upgrade to the proper Android system in the new cars, but my local dealer is not committal on whether...
  8. What Did You Do To Your Alfa Romeo Giulia Today?
    I just got a 2017 TI and was wondering if there's any review of some of you fine folks just to see which one of these 2 is a better choice? (Based on your experience with any of the systems).
  9. Audio / Video
    an unused Eng-Custom (Italian Company) Carplay/Android Auto module for the 2017 - 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio & Giulia infotainment. It is a piggyback module. This unit will work with both the 6 inch screen and the 8 inch screen. I was going to use it but my 2018 Stelvio has Android Auto. The...
  10. Audio And Stereo
    Friends, After using Android auto for a couple months I have a few questions I thought the group may be able to help with. 1. When connected to Android auto and attempting to play sirius xm it wants to use the app on my phone rather than playing through the vehicles connection. Any way to change...
  11. Audio And Stereo
    Hi, new user so please be gentle !! I have a 2018 280bhp Giulia Veloce, i love it. Its my third Alpha over the years (Gt and Brera) Yes it has some Alpha oddities but it adds to the charm. When all other car manufactures are filling the cabins with Tech, full on LCD screens with no dials and...
1-11 of 11 Results