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  1. Giulia MPG & Fuel Economy Discussion
    Hi 🖐 Just here sitting and thinking how many people on this forum drive 2.2 Diesel Giulia as well. What I noticed is that with a manual transmission you can get pretty good results if it comes to fuel efficiency. My avg consumption after 2000 km (about 1250 mi) is a healthy 6,5 l/100km (36,2...
  2. Brakes And Suspension
    Hello fellow Giulia Fans, I searched through the forum but couldn't find anything about it so i decided to make a new thread. I'll grab my Giulia 2.2d from 2017 black with the black calipers next week. It actually looks amazing, sure but I felt so in love with the yellow brake calipers and I...
1-2 of 2 Results