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  1. Wheel And Tires
    I have a cracked wheel and need one 18 x 8 turbine for a 2021 2.0. There are not many out there. Is a turbine wheel from a 2017 the same as a 2021? Most part finders are not clear, at least to me. Forum has always been great help, thank you.
  2. Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Hello all, Went to my mechanic today thinking I need to change just my brake pads.. found out I needed to change back pads and rotors.. Quoted $800.. is this a fair price? Thoughts? In NY area so thinks are slightly more pricey
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulia Issues And Problems
    I accidentally hit a dip pretty hard on my way to work and now everytime I start my car I always get a message saying the start/stop feature is unavailable. Does anyone know what this could mean? I tried driving around, restarting the engine a few times and it keeps popping up. I recently got a...
  4. Alfa Romeo Giulia Owners Registry And Check In Are
    I have a 2017 Giulia. I was driving home from work.. my car changes from A mode to N mode… check engine light comes on and then Auto Unavailable light comes on… What’s happening here? Car runs fine..
  5. All Wheel Drive
    I just purchased a 2017 Alfa TI AWD with sport and performance packages. Can I please get advice on replacing the original run-flats? My priorities in order are: Performance Looks Reliability
  6. New Member Introductions
    I just purchased a used 2017 Rosso-Alfa Ti with the sport, performance and driver assist packages. This Alfa is the best looking car I’ve laid my eyes upon and is orders of magnitude more fun to drive than all other Infiniti’s I have owned. From a poor man’s perspective, this is a Ferrari. That...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am looking forward to the summer (or whenever this coronavirus pandemic dies out) to purchase a used 2017 giulia q4 for around 20,000 - 25,000 dollars. I don't have a specific color in mind yet but when I get the car I'm switching the old wheels out for tecnico's. I attempted to...
  8. 2017+ Alfa Romeo Giulia Reviews
    I found a beautiful used Giulia TI for sale that I am seriously considering purchasing. I have done a lot of research but I feel like the reliability of the car is 50/50 depending on who you ask and differing opinions on the reliability of the car. I'm not a car expert by any means, but i don't...
1-8 of 8 Results