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Alfa Romeo
Giulia Quadrifoglio
Trofeo White Tri-coat
Quadrifoglio RWD - Package 24P (Driver Assist Dynamic Plus Package, Harmon Kardon Premium Audio, carbon fiber steering wheel, dark 5-hole wheels, gloss black calipers (didn't want ceramic breaks nor Sparco carbon fiber seats)
Car fanatic from young age, with Italian cars my favorite (for their beauty, performance, and rarity in the U.S. (even older models like my dads 70s Spider). During trips to visit family in Italy, I saw my first modern-day Alfas & were instantly my favorite mainstream auto brand. Finished grad school in 1998 & knew I wanted a modern day Alfa of my own. 8C too expensive and my other favorites at that time -- the Spyder and Brera, were not available in the U.S. Importing one was an idea but never had the time or money to check it out. Preferring cars not everyone else is driving, I had 3 Audi TT Roadsters, a too-common Audi Q5, and then BMW 135i roadster. Once the rumors of Alfa's return with something more affordable than the 8C, I was skeptical b/c one thing I know from my Italian relatives is that they make everything difficult so I knew a new Alfa would be a long time off. Then came the 4C. Loved the beauty of the 4C, particularly the convertible, but did not love the cheap roll-up fabric roof (compared to my power-operated TTs), interior leaning to far towards the cheap with the mismatched switchgear and in particular that stinking Alpine stereo. Didn't quite have the income to buy a car at that price level as of yet, so in the end, never got even as far as a test-drive. Last car was my 300hp BMW 135i Roadster. It had a big, powerful engine for it's size, and could out-accerlerate and out handle BWMs further up the line. This made the 4C's 4-cyclinder engine buzz a lot less attractive. Before I could realistically consider one anyways (b/c the test drive could have swayed me), the Giulia was released. Love at first sight. Was obsessed with the idea of getting the top-dog Quadrifoglio. Nearly bought a Ti version in an attempt to keep expenses lower as my business was only 2 years old and the price jump from the Ti to QV was substantial. Test drove a Ti and was not excited. Beautiful, yes. Interior better than expected. Sport package added some pizazz compared to the base. By that time I had watched so many QV videos that I could identify it's exhaust in a sound line-up. The Ti sounded more like my 4 cylinder Q5 and was far less fun to drive than my 135i (which makes a surprisingly satisfying exhaust note as it gets to 60 even faster than the M3 of the same year). Still, almost bought one, trying to rationalize that I could get a Ti loaded to the gills with every conceivable option --- a compromise for not getting the QV. I decided to wait to decide. In the meantime, my spouse, runs my practice (I focus on the clinical side) put aside enough money to pay the difference between the Ti and the Quadrifoglio. My practice continued to grow and the idea of buying one was becoming a more real possibility. While I was seeing patients a few weeks ago, my honey went to a nearby Alfa dealer, negotiated the purchase of a car I was looking at in the days previously (my daily on-line obsession included Alfa commercials, reviews, and perusing, and parked it with a big red bow outside my office door. I was called outside and understandably about shit my pants. Grabbed the keys, took it for a spin, and it's been love ever since! OK -- THAT TOOK WAY TOO MUCH TIME TO TYPE OR I'D GO BACK AND EDIT OR REWRITE IT BUT CHANCES ARE NO ONE'S GOING TO READ THIS ANYWAYS!
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (Trofeo White Tri-coat)


Perfect as-is
Nothing yet
Carbon Fiber "Alfa Romeo" license plate frames with the Quadrifoglio badge on either side ordered and will arrive this Monday. Carbon fiber on the frames is suppose to be an exact match (size and pattern?) to that of the car itself. It was the only place I could find them. Ordered matching carbon fiber valve stem caps, each with the quadrifoglio badge as well. Plan on getting the windows tinted --- lightly (illegal in CA if too dark). Still need to buy something to hold the front plate w/o drilling into the bumper.
Nada. Hoping there will be an ApplePlay update but I've heard confusing info about this. Thought it was going to happen for sure --- date TBA; however, a guy at Alfa said it would require a hardware change as well. I think he's wrong, but I'll check later and it obviously wasn't enough of a factor for me to wait until it's available on the 2018s
Wheel and Tire
Will probably change the tires somewhat when they eventually need it, but not at the compromise of significant performance. Streets in my area suck though so these tires will likely wear quickly.


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