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Got some new shot of my Giulia, enjoy!
New Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
Boeing Museum of Flight F-18
Full wrap with gloss carbon roof, door handles and side mirrors
La meccanica delle emozioni
This is the Motor Trend long term press car that the company bought in mid-2018 after they declared the Giulia as the 2018 car of the year. This specific Giulia has seen the roads of Michigan, California, and just about every state in between during many cross country journeys. Just about...
18 Giulia Sport Tuned and Dressed
Just purchased my obtainable dream car, 18' Quadrifoglio
An Italian at the beach...
Been working for Alfa Romeo Newport Beach for since June of 2019. Been working with Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bugatti, S7 and McLaren for over 13 years. Alfa Romeo is a completely different exciting animal to work with but looking forward to the challenge...
Vesuvio Grey at its best... perfect light conditions!
Garage Mates
Here's some pictures at a park during a run last week, loving every bit of this car :)
That awkward moment when the historical landmark is younger than the badge
When it's nothing but Frost/ice out, and it covers your car.