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  1. Bought an NRING!

    Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Interesting exterior difference is the trunk spoiler. Slightly different!
  2. Citgo 91 Ethanol Free vs Shell V Power 93 with Ethanol

    Oils, Fluids, Fuel, Additives And Lubrications
    Any more politics discussion and we might find out who has the bias override ;) There's a different section for this or take it to pm's please.
  3. Front Spoiler Protection

    2017+ Giulia News
    There is a post floating around where people were using a carbon fiber tape on the underside. Also, the application of paint protection film can be reinforcements. Suntek or Xpel is very durable to light scraping
  4. 2019 Alfa sailing mode

    Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    I had a 2018 loaner that did the same while in the "A" mode.
  5. Race mode on non-QV

    Turbo And Tuning
    I'll 2nd the above... I know a guy that gets the back end a little out of wack in 2nd gear and can shift into 3rd meanwhile the sideways full-throttle propulsion is painting some very noticable black marks on the pavement at a high rate of speed. Great for recycling tires! I heard this guy has...
  6. Updating 2017 models to Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

    What are the steps in summary to add AA and CarPlay to 2017's? V2 radio electronics, new USB hub, change a few flags in programming (Witech is req'd or no?)
  7. Recall - 'Body Control Module' - 2018 Giulia....

    Alfa Romeo Giulia
    Details are in the TSB section. Easy update.
  8. Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's)

    Alfa Romeo Giulia TSB's
    HVAC update for long trip decreased air performance
  9. Cluster MPH in race mode

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    The car was in for other service work not related to the recall. I asked about the cluster issue where the MPG was 75 to 0 (from left to right) vs. 0 to 75. Dealer is super helpful with one of the best master techs in the biz and they were able to flash the cluster to the most current rev...
  10. brake pad change tools needed.. (QV)

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    Are you activating the "service brakes" menu option in the infotainment?
  11. Alfa Romeo of Dallas / McKinney in the News

    Dealers, Purchasing, and Ordering
  12. Remus axle-back exhaust w/ resonator for sale

    If you guys are in the philly area, we should schedule a drive meetngreet sometime
  13. CEL, three codes, and limp mode after recent installs

    Turbo And Tuning
    Pax, how did you make out?
  14. Filling Xmission

    Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    ^^ Good advice ^^
  15. Wheels of Italy Event

    The Car Lounge
    Everyone else was at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix where Alfa was/is the featured marque. ;)
  16. Giulia Quadrifoglio Engine Fire-Up in Race Mode

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    Same here. And, it stays there! šŸ˜‡
  17. Giulia Forums Member Meet-Up

    Alfa Romeo Giulia General Discussion
    Any word on the time trial results? Are they posted anywhere?
  18. Ypppdsx

    New Member Introductions
  19. Plastidip'ing "Giulia"

    What Did You Do To Your Alfa Romeo Giulia Today?
    Looks good! Lots of effort there!
  20. Posting Photos...What gives? How? Forum Information & Help
    Excellent! Congrats on the new car
1-20 of 147 Results