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    If you think that is bad my husband just shakes his head to the point of whiplash. My correlations and comparisons to him are like "where does this come from" for me it is my thought process. I can make a relationship out of the most bizarre comparisons. But the key is they make sense to me. What someone doesn't think of I lie awake at night and 'wonder" what I can come up with next. Where most people wouldn't waste there energy....I have energy to spare.

    I want to get rid of the truck and the RV it tows :eek:)

    Hey I was new to the forum and Strongsville delivery debacle was to say the least a tad stressful
    MINIME ·
    You know that was a pretty snarky remark. What is so classic about the clearance on an F350. Every driven one???? Certainly doesn’t sound like it. There are a lot of places we can’t go with our tow vehicle. Now we have the same problem on the opposite end of the spectrum with our QV. If you don’t have anything of value to add don’t belittle someone’s comment. Please don’t bring politics into a forum for cars. We drive to get the **** away from the news so I don’t want to hear some conservative slant on a comment. I have no political affiliation. But glad I made your day by making an ass out of someone.
    John_K_348 ·
    White on white! Cool. Hey I might look at this just to see the interior. Go for it. I'll elbow people out of the way till you show up ;)

    I left CC around noon. Saw Ernie but was a little shy to talk to him yet. I know he has other people to see and I don't want to take too much of his time. We are both musicians too so we can be tempermental ;)
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