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  • Racer Z ·
    The Giulia tow hook is longer, probably so it can clear the rear bumper. Other than the length, they are the same. I prefer using the 4C tow hook in the front of the Giulia.
    Tazio!1901 ·
    Dear Lockem,

    First of all, thanks for all the knowledge you share on the forum. -It is invaluable. I asked you about the Tecnico wheels on an inactive post and was wondering how they worked on your Q4 application. (Wondering if the staggered set-up adversely affects the 4wd) -I am going to factory order a TI Q4 lusso and will try to get the Tecnico's instead of the standard rims---Don't know if this is feasible at this point...Also, do you know the weight of the "Y" spoke wheels and their strength relative to the 5 holes? Thanks again!
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