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  • MINIME ·
    Hey there. Can you post a bigger picture of your QV in your garage. I am seriously considering getting the bright 5 hole. I just think the Dark Wheels are just too dark for the red. I know my husband will shoot me but he can keep the Tecnico for a while I am just going to get the spare and when the newness wheres off get them swapped out with the next set of tires. I just want to show him the whole look
    Sal Scotto ·
    hey john any up date on your QV? my dealer is not expecting any 2018 till march 18 that was on saturday when i picked up my plates. they have three sold that was the ETA. hope its real soon so you can enjoy it before weather changes. Sal
    John_K_348 ·
    You're welcome Eric. And the cars will definitely appreciate. Going into Spring the seller may have the advantage as buyers are looking for new toys to enjoy. But you have first refusal and and early contact so work with that. Another thing about 360s is the sound. Cinquevalvole that gets lost with the 430. Numerous collectors have commented about this. The 430 is a little beefier and makes more power across the rpm band but the 360 comes into it's own at the high end, along with all that beautiful wail. The 430 will as well with the classic Ferrari planar crank design and reedy valve train, but the 5 valve "squillo," to use an opera term, is top notch. The 430 also has a timing chain so maintenance and piece of mind are better still in that model. 360s have an access panel behind the seats so belt changes are not horrible like the 355, 348 and Testarossa. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes. I think I have to wait until next year for my Giulia ;) Ciao!
    EricVonHa ·
    Thanks very much for the informational links! I never would have found those had you not offered the details. So, thank you!

    Sooner or later the seller and I will be able to strike a deal. It is interesting how these deals move forward. There's been quite a few phone conversations. We try to meet and then he is out of town... we try to meet and I am out of town on vacation and so on and so forth. I think he is waiting for me to really nail him down on a specific date so he knows then that the market price will be his to determine. He does not need to sell the car though I think he is preparing for inevitable clearing of assets from his estate. We shall see how it works out! Thanks again very much for your assistance!
    EricVonHa ·
    Hello, hope you had a good weekend. Would like to ask you about the Ferrari 2004 CS market if I can?

    I have the first right of refusal to buy one that is being sold by the 2nd owner, super low mileage, impeccable history/service as well as being highly optioned. In terms of investment cars, this is a prime example.

    There's quite a many of the cars for sale from $2-300k at the moment. Of course, the only thing that makes the difference is the sale price. Looking at auction prices from the last 2 years, it appears as though the market is very stout.

    Thought I'd ask your opinion? What do you think? Will the cars appreciate or ?

    Thanks! -Eric

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