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  • John_K_348 ·
    Race mode (ASR off) bangs through the gears and punches the clutch much more aggressively than the Modena and Spider. It's beautiful in comparison. Throttle blips are to die for and my thrill every time I drive it. The tune and exhaust on the CS is worth every penny beyond that. Be careful, have faith, and buy with confidence. Just like what I'm facing with the QV, I may have to wait until 2018 or later to get the one I want. Anything less may be painful and full of regret. Don't be afraid to pay a little more. Just be honest with yourself.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes. I can put you in touch with at least one Ferrari expert who can do a PPI or advise. John Tirell at Independent Ferrari Service. He races too. ;)

    Have a good day and see you around here.

    John_K_348 ·
    I'd be happy to help Eric!

    Take a look at Aldous Voice's website. He is an expert and also has a wonderful market watch chart on his site. Browse around and feast your eyes ;)

    The Challenge Stradale is an incredible car. From what I remember, into the 200ks was about right, especially given your service history and records. The options are probably even more rare but may actually retract from the price considering track focused buyers. That's not a big issue though. See if you can get PPI done and look over Aldous' tips on 360 maintenance. A 2004 should be good tough. Check for engine and tranny mounts, suspension bushings, F1 pump, Exhaust ECUs (I just changed mine myself - a classic Ferrari wear item on 348s et al. - they give a false slow down light from fatigue shorts). My TCU I bought from a Ferrari tech in France. Another Eric in fact! :) It is wonderful and makes a huge difference in the car. ...
    EricVonHa ·
    If anyone is interested in getting to know the Quadrifoglio in person in and around the Philadelphia region, please let me know. Always happy to meet new car people and help the brand.
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