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  • lockem ·

    I've had one of those useless arguments with alfa908. His behavior is identical to my cousin once removed, who has severe ADHD. He probably has a ritalin prescription and refuses to take it. The only thing that ever worked for me with my interactions with my cousin when he was off meds was to leave the room and lock the door behind me.

    DrEndAll ·
    I'm quite familiar with Auburn Hills and that area. Small world!! My dealer is about 1 hour or so away from me (suburb of Chicago). There is 1 dealer closer but didn't have a fully loaded Giulia so I had to go a bit further towards the city.
    Yes, we will have or am working towards 2 launches. We are currently working on our main launch of the Cherokee in our plant and the 2019 Cherokee "update" will be coming real soon. I am working in the rear suspension 'loop' now... and love my team, team members, and the jobs I'm doing, just love it!! I have been working a ton, 50-60 hour weeks, and oh ya we are working July 4th (Tuesday) for holiday pay!
    I also leased my Giulia and think that modifications aren't needed! I LOVE MY GIULIA! But I am intrigued about what can be done!?!?

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    DrEndAll ·
    Hey Chipset --
    I can't blame you for not wanting to disclose to everyone that you are an FCA employee! I hope everything ismwell at your plant, I am at the IL plant, we r now in 'launch' mode, for building the Cherokee here! (sounds like you may be in Ohio?) Like you, mine is the only Giulia, so far, at my plant (I may be only owner in the entire town right now), loving that! Everyone is asking, talking and approaching me..., strangers approaching me and asking about the Alfa Romeo? How is it? Where did I get it? Etc etc? If you are working at an FCA plant - I ordered the Red QV Start Button from and had my Team Leader try and find the instructions to install it; sure enough we found the service writings in the FCA 'system' and got what I need! Going to tackle it this weekend! Have you heard of the new ECM Madness is working on (couple weeks till finished!)?? I'm thinking about it!?

    Good talking to you

    Chuck 2.0 Q4 ·
    Just seeing this. I teach in Redford, live in Belleville. I got my Giulia the first week of February, still haven't seen another one... Nice to meet you.
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